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Today is Sep 21, 2020
Aaron Wan 温伟雄
Group District Director
CEA Licence No.:
L3008022J / R051812G
Call (+65) 8488 6648
About Aaron Wan
Aaron Wan - The Wan You Trust.

Aaron holds a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce, double major in Accounting and Finance and a Diploma in Banking and Finance. Formerly a Banker with a Suisse Bank and a Tax Consultant with one of the World's Largest Big4 accounting firms, his past work experiences and educational journey has enabled him to gain great insights in finance formulation, accounting and taxation policies, appreciating the complexities and fine nuances associated with them. Aaron's experiences as an Equities Analyst in the Private Banking sector and as a Mergers and Acquisitions Tax Consultant have also provided him with the skill sets required to perform and excel under intense and demanding work environment. All these have certainly adequately prepared Aaron for a career in the real estate industry.

Aaron's interests in the real estate industry begin at the young age of 22. At 24, with the knowledge accumulated through two years of avid research coupled with the savings that he had, Aaron made the decision to invest in his first property, a Freehold Private apartment at Over Half a Million Dollars! Aaron's interest and passion in real estate investment has allowed him to become one of Singapore's Youngest Landlords today, achieving financial freedom, for which he has been featured on numerous National Media and Newspaper Articles. 

Drawing from his own experiences coupled with in-depth research, Aaron is able to advise fellow investors on ways to minimise risk in their investments and also provide various strategic options catered to the needs of each individual business partner. 

What sets Aaron’s professional services apart is his personalised approach catered to each individual. Aaron strongly believes that there is no “one size fits all” service offering. He will seek to understand the needs of each client by putting himself in their shoes, and offer a sincere attitude to invest in relationships. Coupled with an intricate work ethic, Aaron has built up a large network of client base. Today, Aaron’s client base is built upon referrals by clients who have been satisfied with what he is able to offer and the additional value he could offer through consulting. Aaron’s constant ability to enhance value and render complete professional real estate services to clients has led them to not only entrust him with making major decisions in their lives but also recommend friends and relatives to him. 

Contributing to Aaron's success is also his extensive network of mortgage brokers, solicitors and contractors which can meet his clients' needs throughout the entire deal spectrum. 

What further sets Aaron apart is his membership in a strong network of more than 5,400 active agents from one of the Largest Real Estate Agency in Singapore and Around the World, ERA Singapore. Within ERA, Aaron is with the Prime Division, one of the largest team in ERA Singapore with more than 700 agents. Members from the ERA Prime Group are constantly breaking Worldwide Sales Records and have set records which are unbroken till date such as the more than $2.28m of Commission Income earned by a single agent in a year. With such a strong support group in place, Aaron can tap on the extensive experience and resources of the group to better serve the needs of his clients. 

Currently, Aaron does not only rely on advertisements in the local press but also uses a vast variety of information and technological systems such as email marketing and online social media. At present, he is actively involved in the Sale of New Private Residential Properties, Marketing and Rental of Resale Private and HDB apartments, commercial and industrial properties.

With passion, extensive experience, and a strong support group behind him, Aaron Wan is and will certainly be The Wan You Trust to meet all your real estate needs.

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